I’m Martin,
and I’m not sure how to introduce myself anymore.

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If I'm not designing I'm Skiing

If I'm not skiing I'm bike riding

I 💚 to cook

FKJ ⋅ Vibin' Out

Five Elephant House Blend

Scaling People

Berlin is where I live

My background is in Design, but I love everything related to product. I’m a double threat in product and design, meaning I can play on both positions.

I currently work at BCG X – the tech and design unit of the Boston Consulting Group. I lead the function of Experience Design and help teams craft high-quality experiences for the products and companies we launch.

I wear many different hats. But mainly I focus on Design, our Designers, and the intersections of Design to Product and Engineering.

In the last six years, I’ve launched six startups as a founding designer. I took ideas on a post-it and created market-ready products and companies. I did that in talented multi-disciplinary founding teams at BCG Digital Ventures. The companies I launched are: Arcual, Source2Sea, Tilda, Tenera, Tooltime, Labtwin

Before that I’ve worked at agencies like Fjord (Accenture Song) and Frog Design, and learned that design is simply thinking through a problem and finding an elegant solution. And that being a good designer is more a way of thinking than a way of making things beautiful or being obsessed with a particular design tool.

I live in Berlin, but I was raised in the United States most of my childhood. You can find me on X my username is @majroth. I’m also on Linkedin and Github.